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University of Calabria at Rende, Italy


Workshops and Mentoring, Upper Canada College, Toronto


Writer in Residence, International School of Brussels, Belgium


Instructor, College Avenue Secondary School, Woodstock


Writer in Residence, Brebeuf College High School, Toronto


Instructor, St. Patrick’s High School, Peterborough


Workshop, SEED Alternative School, Toronto


Instructor, St. Clement’s Private High School, Toronto




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Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia

“Joseph’s skills as a speaker and performer, and his obvious enjoyment working with an audience of young people, ensured his success with teachers and students alike.  He was warm, attentive, and amazingly flexible in his interaction with the students. As a result, many students have asked us to invite him back.  This is a rare thing!”


                     Kimete Basha i Novosejt, 

                     The International School of Brussels





“In his workshop sessions Joseph was relentlessly positive about the student’s work.  Further, he helped students with finding solutions to some of the challenges of the tasks

they faced.  Joseph brought them the assurance that what they were doing was valuable.”


Bryan Smith,

College Avenue Secondary School



Joseph Maviglia
Joseph Maviglia
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