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To Whom it May Concern,


I am writing this letter in support of Joseph Maviglia’s application for the position of writer-in-residence at your library.


As I have known Joseph for the past 15 years I have noted his growth and breadth as a poet, singer-songwriter and teacher.   His interpersonal skills with audiences and students of all ages alike, is at a level of exceptional engagement and his skill for mentorship raises the awareness of his students in their pursuit of refining their crafts.  


His knowledge of the creative writing impulse and process as it is expressed from different cultural backgrounds would make him a prime candidate for your position of writer-in residence at your institution.  Added to this, his skill with songwriting would be of great benefit to the public as a growing number of young adults find this form of expression most suitable and appealing to their sense of craft and expression. 


As a performer, Joseph’s strength of presentation would also be of great benefit to up and coming writers who continually test their mettle in public after the arduous task of writing.


Given these skills, it is without hesitation that I whole-heartedly endorse his application!  I believe it would be a wise and rewarding decision for our community to employ him in residency at your library.




Federico Allodi

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