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Hard Out of Work


Hard out of work and there's nothing but time

I got time on my hands as I wait in line.

You know I don't have a boss 'cause I don't have a job.

And the devil it seems has his best hand on God.


But I built your homes and worked your roads.

I worked them long the work it took its toll.

I saw many a many losing control.

I saw another man smile counting his gold.

But another day off.  Another day off

and the devil waits out on the road.


The country's falling apart.  Some say it's breaking in two.

And the streets that you walked are streets you thought you knew.

Well who's that asleep on the grate by those wind-tunneled towers

towers holding money so green vaults swelling with power.


But some took his land. The land it was his home.

And someone took his heart and cast it in this valley of stone.

We only take what's ours the history books propose

but another man down and the pain it just someday explodes.




Words and Music

Joseph Maviglia

from the CD   

'Memory to Steel'

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