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An Appreciation:  Joseph Maviglia’s “The Sicilian Cowboys,” 71pps Quattro Books

by V. Morris

The Sicilian Cowboys is published by Quattro Books 
To order a personal signed click HERE or contact

November 11, 2020


Bobby Di Rienzo loves The Who. It is 1974 and he is a young Italian, born in North America, sent back to his father’s home town in Calabria to get out of Dodge because a co-worker, a guy his age, Benny died in a construction vehicle accident while the two of them were laying an asphalt floor in a garage. The death of Benny is being blamed on Bobby.  We find out by the end of the story that they were both high when it happened and Bobby ultimately comes home and goes into rehab. In between going away and coming home he is on an odyssey to find some wild Sicilian horses that his traveling companion, Russie, a travel writer... [CONTINUE READING HERE]

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